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Report a side effect or other safety information*

*What is ‘safety information?

All reports of adverse events (AEs) occurring during the use of a NOVO NORDISK (NN) medicine or medical device.
In addition, safety information includes any of the following information relevant to the safety of the NN medicine or device: serious outcomes e.g. hospitalisation, death; all reports relating to pregnancies, including outcome of a pregnancy, where the fetus may have been exposed to a medicine through parental exposure; any AE occurring in infants following exposure to an NN medicine from breastfeeding; reports of lack of efficacy; any suspected transmission of an infectious agent via an NN medicine; all reports of overdose, drug abuse, drug misuse and occupational exposure; all reports of medication errors; all device failures with NN devices or the device part of marketed drug-device combination products, which could have led to death or serious deterioration in the state of health, even if in the actual situation nothing happened; all reports of off-label use; technical complaints.”